ITALIA MEDICA is a company based in Milan which has been successfully operating for over 30 years in the medical sector, both public and private.

Founded in 1982, Italy Medica, for many years, has represented and has been the exclusive distributor in the main regions of Northern Italy, to multinational companies including BAXTER, EDWARDS, ETHICON, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, PAN MEDICAL, WELCARE, CODAN, HEARTPORT, specializing in the fields of general surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, intensive care, resuscitation, oncology and difficult wounds.

In collaboration with the department of vascular surgery of the University of Pavia, Prof. Antonio La Rosa, Italia Medica has developed and patented an ultrasonic instrument, which depending on the type of Tip applied, can either be used for the debridement and cleansing of difficult infected wounds or for bone micro-surgery.

Entering the difficult wounds field and setting up their own production drove and spurred Italia Medica to develop an exclusive line of medical devices for cleaning and sterilizing wounds (GENERA UDD), for the granulation and regrowth of the skin (GENIX IT), for re-epithelialization (GENIX EGI), as well as dealing in products for the personal hygiene of critically and chronically ill patients (Class I Medical devices) and for the cleansing of damaged skin (Class IIa Medical Devices).

The growth of the manufacturing sector was the driver behind Italia Medica's decision to separate the production and distribution activities; this led to the creation of Italia Medica International, whose main task was to take care of distributing and marketing Italian and foreign brands and products across Italy, leaving Italia Medica Srl to take care of production, research and development.

It also offers its clients, both corporate and private, ongoing consultancy in the specific field of vulnology;  in terms of research, it works closely with research institutes, universities and international authorities for advanced experimentation.

The company is present at all industry-related exhibitions and takes part in national and international conferences in order to keep up-to-date with the latest developments.


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