GENIX IT, a type I (native) collagen membrane for guided skin regeneration, triggers and speeds up the process of granulation in complex skin lesions such as chronic ulcers, traumas, or burns; GENIX IT also allows for the management of infections and pain thanks to the infusion catheter which it is equipped with.


With GENIX IT the application of exogenous collagen to the wound bed plays a key role in the processes of chronic wound healing by triggering and sustaining granulation through multiple mechanisms:

  • reduction of excessive levels of protease
  • chemotactic response of fibroblasts in the wound, secreting growth factors and driving the formation of the extracellular matrix (ECM)
  • activation of inflammatory cells and fostering of angiogenesis
  • rebalancing of the wound environment

GENIX IT, thanks to the infusion catheter which it is fitted with, also allows for the control of wound infections and pain, by using antibiotics, antiseptics and anesthetics administered in loco and managed by the Patient him/herself at home with guidance from a specialist.


The GENIX IT membrane is laid on the wound bed following adequate ultrasonic debridement, applied to the healthy skin and adapted to the wound. It is then irrigated with copious amounts of saline and made to adhere to the underlying tissues. Through the catheter, a perfusion of antibiotic solution is then performed, which will be repeated every 12 hours at home by the patient him/herself. The membrane is totally absorbed in approximately 15 days and further membranes will be applied up to the skin level. Each dressing is completed with sterile occlusive bandage or elastic zinc oxide compression bandage in case of chronic venous insufficiency. The catheter is exteriorized and secured to the bandage.


genix_it_1.jpg         genix_it_2.jpg         genix_it_3.jpg



- Collagen membrane derived from heterologous pericardium with infusion catheter and sterile adhesive strip

- Absorbable fenestrated membrane

- Thickness 300-400 mM

- Biocompatible

- Sterilized by gamma irradiation

- Sterility guaranteed for 5 years

- Packed in a blister pack of 1 membrane.

- Dimensions membrane:

• 3 cm x 5 cm

• 6 cm x 8 cm

• 10 cm x 10 cm


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